The Worst Oscar Speeches In History


Something about copping an Oscar often brings out the worst in people–phoniness, fake humility, excessive blubbering, and total inarticulation.

As we hold our collective breaths for February 27, here are the absolute worstest so far:

6) In ’98, James Cameron boomed “I’m the king of the world!”, which was cliché enough already, thanks to his own movie. But adding a moment of silence for the Titanic victims was Hollywood b.s. at its most painful.

5) Roberto Benigni wackily walked on other people’s chair tops to the stage, where he carried on with contrived effusion and mortifying faux-joy. Can’t these people ever learn how to fake sincerity?

4) Halle Berry cried and wept and carried on with a hailstorm of self congratulations in 2002. It was downright embarrassing! They should have renamed the film Monster’s Bawl.

3) Mirroring his Jerry McGuire exuberance in the worst way, Cuba Gooding Jr. jumped up and down and bellowed that he loved everyone. (“I love you! Tom Cruise, I love you, brother. I love you, man!…Everybody, I love you!”) By the end of his speech, I didn’t love HIM.

2) In 2001, Julia Roberts kept screeching with laughter and gratitude in an endless, overly rehearsed speech that tried to make us believe she was stunned to win, even though she’d bagged every single other award before that. What a performance!

1) The worst ever was Sacheen Littlefeather, who Marlon Brando sent to receive his award in protest in 1973. She duly moaned about the lack of Hollywood representation for Native Americans, but it turns out she wasn’t really a Native American! Talk about lack of representation!

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