New York

What’s The Worst Job You Ever Had?


I’ll tell you mine.

In one of the summers of my misspent youth, I somehow nabbed a part-time job delivering rubber stamps!

This was akin to nabbing crabs or a very bad headache.

I’d anticipated something in the arts–or at least working behind a notions counter, but no!

I had to ride a bike around the city, bringing various businesses their earth-shaking orders of rubber stamps, then hang there till getting the appropriate person to sign for it, then return to the rubber stamp dive in the Flatiron district to wait for my next glamourous transaction to launch.

Talk about overqualified!

The job was demeaning, low paying, and relatively pointless, but at least I got to ride a bike–and grant needy companies their rubber-stamp wishes as if by pixie magic.

What was your worst employment opportunity?

Working in an office where you had to wait for my rubber stamp delivery?

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