Charles Perez’s New Book Discusses How I Outed Him


The now-out ex talk show host and anchor remembers the ’90s, when I urged him to publicly come out of the closet.

In his book Confessions of a Gay Anchor, he writes,

“It seemed as if the [talk] show had been on the air five minutes and Michael Musto, the columnist at the Village Voice, was calling me a hypocrite for denying my romantic relationship with Norman on The Real World.

“I was never in a romantic relationship with Norman on The Real World. But it didn’t matter. Perception trumped reality.

“In truth, he just wanted me to come out, and I was looking for ways to dance around it. One of his notable columns was actually titled, ‘Fuck You Charles Perez.’ It hurt.”

Well, Perez eventually did come out big-time and he’s stood up to oppression and fought for right while blowing all kinds of gay whistles.

And besides, I liked the book chapters I read and I even gave it a blurb on the cover, so we’re all gayer-than-gay friends now!

Woo hoo!

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2011

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