Egyptians Hosed During Prayer; Protests Continue; President Mubarak Reportedly Flees


By way of YouTube, Mohamed Ibrahim Elmasry shared a video of protesters in Cairo today. The chaos and tension is palpable.

At one point those praying were actually hosed by police.

Various other updates are coming through. Hotels and government buildings are being set on fire, and looting is prevalent. Reuters reports that 870 people have been wounded in the riots. Kuwaiti students are being evacuated to Cairo airport by the Kuwaiti government. Airlines, however, (including Delta) are reportedly suspending flights to and from the country. The ever-helpful State Department is urging Americans to defer any non-essential travel to Egypt. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has urged Egyptian authorities to “respect the rights of citizens and halt the crackdown on swelling anti-government protests.” They’ve said that the U.S. will rethink the $1.5 billion in aid we send to Egypt based on recent events. Also:

There will be a demonstration held in New York tomorrow from 1 to 3 p.m. outside the U.N. at 47th and 1st Avenue.

@AntDeRosa, @ProducerMatthew, and @Max_Fisher, who’s live-blogging for the Atlantic, are among those offering great Twitter coverage of what’s happening. Live feed of Gibbs press briefing here.

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