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Man Attempts to Commit Suicide by Bear


A man in Arizona named Tracy Province, who, along with two accomplices faces capital murder and carjacking charges for killing an Oklahoma couple and burning them in a trailer, decided after enduring great stress and losing 30 pounds due to his escape from prison that he would end it all rather spectacularly. Namely, by heading to Yellowstone, doing heroin, and then letting the bears eat him.

He got his fellow convict-friends to take him to the mountain and was just about to inject the heroin when, he says, “divine intervention” intervened. Instead, he’d hitchhike to Indiana to see family. He was captured on August 9 in Wyoming.

Via the Telegraph, a spokesman at Yellowstone said that, from what he knew of bears, the plan might have worked.

“We have a fair number of bears in the ecosystem,” Mr Nash said. “They eat about anything. A bear would rather get an easy meal than a difficult meal, but human-bear encounters are very infrequent.”

How the bear might have felt about the whole thing remains unknown.

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