NYC Cabbie Ticketed After Taxi Blows Up in Snowstorm


Yesterday we posted video of the New York City cab that caught on fire in Wednesday’s snowstorm and suddenly exploded. No one was injured, except, financially, the cabbie himself, who has been ticketed due to his vehicle blocking the road when a tow truck failed to come and get it soon enough. Via the New York Post, “After waiting 2½ hours at the location, the officers issued a summons,” a police source said.

To all of you who asked why a cab would blow up in a snowstorm, we have answers (sort of)!

A cabby who found himself marooned in the relentless snow early yesterday at Second Avenue and 71st Street pulled an all-too-common maneuver: Hit the gas until you’re free.

But when the driver did that, his car caught fire and then exploded.

There were three cab fires in total yesterday morning, all on the Upper East Side.
Addendum, then, to never take a cab in a snowstorm: Don’t hit the gas in a snowstorm. And never let your cab explode in a snowstorm. The city will get you for that kind of tomfoolery.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2011

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