NYPD Puff: Counterterror NYC Explains the City’s Shiny New Police-State Look


This upcoming Sunday’s debut on the NatGeo cable channel of Counterterror NYC, about the annoying NYPD tactic of creating a siege mentality by walking around with big-ass weapons, has sparked an unusually frank preview by the Times. Considering that the cops have an ever-increasing number of guns and cameras aimed at us, is it really smart to piss off the NYPD brass?

You can’t really tell that the usually cautious establishment Times is going to be so blunt from the headline, “A New View of New York Constantly on Guard,” but writer Mike Hale sums it up this way:

The two-hour report, which tracks the police department’s counterterrorism units over the last four months of 2010, should be of at least passing interest to any New Yorker who has done a double take at the sight of armored cops carrying assault rifles on a subway concourse or in a skyscraper lobby.

The fact that it’s largely a glossy commercial for the post-9/11 N.Y.P.D. doesn’t make the discussions of the department’s tactics, the glimpses of its new high-tech gadgets or the view through its thousands of surveillance cameras any less intriguing.

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