T-Pain, Proud Owner of a New Facebook Tattoo, Probably Wants You To Forget He Once Wrote a Song About MySpace


T-Pain is so determined to show how much he loves social media that he’s just recently inked a Facebook “LIKE” button on his body. But what’s especially terrific about this nerd-world news? This isn’t the AutoTune OG’s first foray into eternalizing social media’s capriciousness. No, this is the same man who once penned the Web 2.0 chestnut, “What’s Yo MySpace?”

Back when Tila Tequila first thrust herself upon our consciousness thanks to Tom Anderson, musicians gradually remembered that it was a smart marketing strategy to create art about subjects with a built-in audience of millions, and quickly scrapped together tracks about MySpace to post on MySpace. Many of them were rappers and r&b dilettantes (the names Nump or C-Side ring a bell?). Perhaps the best known was T-Pain.

While the others were fixated on the sociological implications of this new social mechanism, T-Pain went for the gusto: with Brandon T. Jackon’s help, he released a whole song obsessed with one MySpace feature (the “Top 8,” a fixed area on a user’s profile denoting their favorite friends), which he turned into a pick-up-line crux (“What’s yo MySpace?/Put me in your Top 8”). T-Pain wasn’t picky about who put him there, asking both “pretty girls” and “ugly girls” to feature him prominently, and calling out “busted” girls for their misleading photos. He also seized the opportunity to hit on famous ladies like Beyonce, Hillary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan, imploring them to put him in his Top 8.

Best of all, soonafter T-Pain unleashed this track, MySpace programmers had eliminated the tyranny of Friend favoritism, the top-friend profile area was enlarged to include 24, and there was no such thing as a Top 8. Which makes the qualification that this is a great tattoo unless Facebook “shuts down soon” even more amusing. 0_o is right.


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