Week In Review: Bob Dylan Is Waiting In A Van Outside Your House


Yes, it was Dylan Week here at SOTC, a veritable orgy of Greenwich Village-scouring videos (with installments covering Cafe Wha?, Jones Street, the Gaslight, and Washington Square Hotel, or just enjoy the whole thing in one shot here), along with various essays, interviews, and so forth. Critic/author David Yaffe considered Dylan’s full history here in town, and why it never got better than 1961. Rob Trucks chatted with violinist Scarlet Rivera, famously plucked right off the street by Dylan himself and scooted right into the studio to play on Desire. We asked various artists (No Age, Gang of Four, No Age, Deer Tick, DJ Rekha, etc.) to name their favorite Dylan song; “Visions of Joanna” came up quite a bit. We scoured the Voice archives for a few classic clips, including a glowing Blonde on Blonde review and a report from a wild Mods vs. Rockers brawl at a show early in his gone-electric days. Even our “Are You Smarter Than a Rock Critic?” feature played along, challenging allegedly knowledgeable scribes to name as many ’60s Dylan albums as possible. (Bob Dylan in Jail is the wrong answer.) And finally, spare a moment also for rock/comedy/folk triple-threat Todd Snider’s fantastic all-lower-case essay on what he’ll say/do if he ever meets Bob Dylan, i.e. he has no idea, yet.

We also discussed other things.

For example: We bid adieu to troubled Williamsburg club Savalas, marveled at the Decemberists’ march to a Billboard #1, helped announce that bonkers Portishead/Jeff Mangum ATP event taking over Asbury Park this fall, and continued to suffer through American Idol‘s excruciating audition episodes. We also chatted with semi-deranged “klassikill” music maestro Nondor Nevai and enigmatic Baltimore club producer Blaqstarr

As for live shows, we braved a snowstorm to catch Brit alt-rockers Yuck at Glasslands, watched Theophilus London marry a semi-willing couple at new Astor Place joint Dominion NY, and enjoyed Arthur Russell tribute band Arthur’s Landing at Nublu. Meanwhile, YIMBY brought us new local MP3s from L.E.S. ambient maestro Julia Kent and goth-rockers Religious to Damn.

That, and a ton of Dylan stuff, it’s true. Thanks as always for reading. Here’s some stuff to do this weekend. See you Monday.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 28, 2011

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