Rachelle Hruska is On Her New Age Health Nut Game


Rachelle Hruska, founder of social gossip party site Guest of a Guest, is on some next-level Scientology-type new age shit. This morning she took to Twitter to stand up for cashews and niacin in place of antidepressants, and to scold Runnin’ Scared paterfamilias Foster Kamer.

Food Matters is one of those things that tells you that if you, like, eat kale or whatever, you’ll never have a cold again. I think.

Did you know that Vitamin C overdoses can cause nausea and mouth ulcers?

At this point Foster was like, what? Because I’m pretty sure that cashews are not the same as Prozac.

Buy some damn cashews, Foster. And everybody else, stock up on niacin. Never mind the flush.

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