ATP Asbury Park With Portishead and Jeff Mangum Nearly Sold Out Overall [Updated]


Last year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties inexplicably only drew 2,300 people out of a 3000 capacity–mindboggling to us that anyone who actually likes music would miss such a beautifully orchestrated thing–but this year’s Portishead/Jeff Mangum double-billed festival, from September 30 to October 2, 2011, is looking like it will sell-out overall. As of now, the Neutral Milk Hotel ascetic is only playing two shows that weekend: one on Friday, September 30 that requires a three-day pass for entry, and another completely separate show on Monday night, October 3. The latter option sold out almost immediately; the $269 former, which also includes the entire weekend’s undoubtedly stellar programming, is almost gone.

Remaining options to see Mangum on this bid don’t exist, though day passes for everything but his appearance, most of which is still unannounced, are still available. If you’re looking for counsel on any of this, please avoid Ticketmaster whose “in-depth biography” on the event identifies ATP as an English-speaking Japanese trio who specializes in “rock with debts to both the classic rock of the ’60s and ’70s and the indie rock of later decades.” Whatever will keep the dood-bros away, fellas.

Update: Three-day passes are all gone.