Barry Diller’s Convenient Marriage Examined


This is from Confessions of A Gay Anchorman, TV personality Charles Dabney-Perez‘s new book:

“In 2001, Barry Diller married fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, a marriage that some reported was an attempt to put to bed rumors of his homosexuality.

“Though he and Ms. von Furstenberg have reportedly been close friends for years, to me, it was just more evidence of the lengths to which someone will go, even someone as big and bombastic and egotistical as Barry Diller, to find acceptance and validation.

“Today, they reportedly live in different Manhattan apartments but do take some vacations together. Good for them. Whatever works.

“But why does this matter? Who cares if Barry Diller doesn’t want to come out or admit that there’s any reason to come out or acknowledge that a gay community even exists? Why should I care? Why should anybody care?

“Well, the answer is simple: it matters because Barry Diller is one of the most high-profile businessmen in America. When Barry Diller, who like Anderson Cooper, cloaks himself in shame, it gets on all of us.”

Hmm. Agreed?