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Eric Adams, Brooklyn State Senator, Teaches Parents to Spy, Narc on Kids


Eric Adams, who was an NYPD officer for 22 years before becoming a state senator (you may remember him from the campaign to end saggy pants), has released a video instructing parents on how to find potential drug and gun paraphernalia in their kiddos’ rooms and backpacks. There are many places your sneaky children may be hiding drugs, or bullets — from inside doll clothes to perfume bottles to cameras, and even behind framed photos. Adams will release the video to churches and schools to try to help reduce street violence.

Good sentiment, yes, but will going through your kids’ stuff do anything more than teach them how to hide things better, or to keep anything “illicit” somewhere else? Also, some of this is just stalker-creepy:

“A small-caliber weapon could be hiding inside a jewelry box,” the senator warns in the five-minute video. “Run your hands over the pillows and see if you feel anything that’s unusual.”

Adams, who clearly cares about kids, claims this isn’t spying, it’s protecting your home and kids, and that kids aren’t entitled to privacy within the home. Which may be true. But relationships between parents and teens are conflict-filled enough, we’d say, without adding this element of distrust and disrespect. Unless there’s actually cause for suspicion, how about some good old-fashioned parenting, with conversation and ground rules?

Beyond that, any parent who goes through a teen’s stuff has to be prepared for the non-drug, non-gun not-even-illegal stuff they might find that might wrack them to their core nonetheless — and also for the inevitable reality that kids will watch this video, and never hide anything where Adams tells Mom and Dad to look.

Brooklyn state Sen. Eric Adams’ YouTube video gives parents advice on how to spy on their kids [NYDN]

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