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Government Continues to Blame American Obesity on American Stupidity


The government has been dealing in some confusing messaging lately. For one, they did away with those color-coded terror alerts, seemingly acknowledging that we’re not actually all mental kindergartners after all. But their new nutrition guidelines seem to be something of a step back in estimating our intelligence. It turns out that the end of the day, for all the telling us to eat less salt, saturated fats, and bad-for-us stuff, and to eat more vegetables and healthy things, what they’d forgotten to mention all along is the real key to losing weight: Eating less. (That’s the opposite of “more.”)

This marks a special moment in which the government is finally saying what’s what, in a way America can understand!

Via the New York Times,

“They are blunter here than they’ve ever been before, and they deserve credit for that,” said Marion Nestle, professor of nutrition at New York University and a critic of government nutrition guidance. “They said, ‘Eat less!’ I think that’s great, and to avoid oversized portions. That’s the two best things you should do.”

“Before, the dietary guidelines said eat more fruits and vegetables but that could mean add a slice of tomato to your hamburger,” she said.

Got that? Eat less, and eat less. Tomatoes are okay, but not if they’re just accessorizing hamburgers! Junk food is bad. So are cigarettes! Now, hopefully we’ll all start shrinking.

New Dietary Advice From Government: Just Eat Less [NYT]

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