“Historic” Storm on the Way; New York City Is Cracking Down on Everything; Countdown to the Verizon iPhone


There is a “historic winter storm” headed across the U.S. that meteorologists predict will last through Wednesday and impact a third of the U.S. population, primarily in the Midwest and the South. New York may get an ice storm (currently a “snow to wintry mix” is predicted for Tuesday). But we’re used to that by now. [Weather]

As part of Mike Bloomberg’s effort to crack down on illegal gun sales, New York City sent undercover investigators to an Arizona gun show. In two instances, undercover officers said they “probably couldn’t pass a background check,” but were sold the guns anyway. [NYT]

Illegal Chinatown vendors have a new way of dealing with the NYPD crackdowns that have lately led to greater numbers of arrests: They’ve gotten aggressive. One vendor threw coffee in a sergeant’s face. “[Now] they fight with us, and then they run,” said one officer. [DNAInfo]

The city is also cracking down on unlicensed cars and limos who wait in the Meatpacking District for “unwitting passengers” who want to go home in something “fancier” than a regular old cab. [NYP]

The Staten Island man who cleared snow off his whole block and then had his snowblower stolen from his truck has gotten offers from as far as Iraq for a replacement snowblower. He took up the offer of a Staten Island couple who had an extra one. [SILive]

Current Verizon customers can pre-order the iPhone starting at 3 a.m. on February 3. [Verizon]

Justin Timberlake is 30 today. Happy birthday Mr. Timberlake! [People]

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