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Lotto Winner May Have to Share $8 Million With Husband Who Left Her


How great would it be to win the lottery? How crappy would it be to have to share those lotto winnings with the d-bag who left you? Patricia Eisel, 40, an Irishwoman who was just barely making ends meet as a waitress in Long Beach, is battling with that conundrum after winning $8 million (after taxes) in the New York Lotto. Her husband Jaime dumped her last summer, reports the New York Post, devastating her.

But now that she’s $8 million richer, she can buy a house for her and her 3 kids! Start anew! Have a bit of fun…unless hubby, who owes some $9,000 in debt and is reportedly dating someone else, comes back to collect his share of the winnings. Which hardly seems fair.


“On first blush, he might actually have a claim,” famed New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder told the Post.

But at the end of the day, the best revenge is looking good, right, ladies? The afterglow from a multi-million-dollar Lotto win can keep you warm for days. According to a waitress who works with Patricia,

“I bet [Jaime’s] sorry now. She looks better than she ever did. She looks like she’s glowing.”

Patricia says she’ll keep working at the bar, but we say, take the money and run, girl.

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