Man Does Very Gross Thing on F-Train


There are certain things we post as news, certain things we post as warnings, certain things we post as cautionary tales, and certain things we post because, well, they’re just gross, and sort of funny at the same time. This video from The Smoking Gun of a man going spelunking, finding a gem, and then wiping it, devil-may-care, on the inside wall of an F-train fits too many of the aforementioned criteria not to post (click the link for the video). Perhaps the best part is the haggard “Hey, I’m just commuting” look on the guy’s face next to him. Apologies, and don’t do this. Additionally disturbing: “man picks nose subway” yields an astounding number of YouTube results.

Breaking: People are gross.

[via The Awl]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 31, 2011

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