Nicole Kidman and James Franco Together: My Thoughts


It was announced the other day that James Franco will join Nicole Kidman this fall in a Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth, about a gigolo’s attempt to relaunch his dreams via an aging movie star.

The 1962 movie version starred Paul Newman and Geraldine Page, who offscreen were only two months apart in age (though Page always read older)!

This time, there’s more of an appropriate divide — Franco is 11 years younger than Kidman (though factor in the Botox and they’re basically more like six years apart) — and that’s just one reason why this prospect excites me.

For another thing, Nicole definitely has stage chops. I saw her years ago in a play called The Blue Room and was completely amazed at her technique and range (though the press seemed to only care that she was briefly nude).

Tom must have gagged.

I’m not sure if Franco has that kind of power onstage, but he’s an intriguing actor, game for anything, and the whole world will surely be watching with tongues out.

Best of all, though Franco is playing a technically straight part for a change, let’s not forget that this is a play by Tennessee Williams.

Stagecraft doesn’t get much gayer than that!

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