Workers Claim Domino’s Adds a Topping of Exploitation


Several Domino’s Pizza employees picketed outside the branch at 200 East 89th Street Monday afternoon, saying that franchisee Dave Melton failed to pay some 10 workers minimum wage and overtime at his four Manhattan stores. The staffers also said they were fired or had their hours cut when they complained.

The protest coincides both with a months-long legal battle between three employees and Melton, and the National Mobilization Against Sweatshops’ broader effort to organize area restaurant workers.

A former employee, who declined to be named, said that he would work far more than 40 hours weekly, but would be paid for only 40. He also said that he was paid $4.65 an hour — slightly above the rate for tip-receiving delivery workers but less than the $7.25 minimum for un-tipped labor – -when he did un-tipped work like washing dishes and preparing food.

Melton “is not respecting the city’s laws,” the man said, in Spanish, during an interview.
Melton disputed the claims. He said that he can’t comment on the specifics of the suit, but that numerous Department of Labor audits have proved him legit.

“Every single person is paid 100 percent legally every single day,” he said. “I’m a businessman that’s been there for 22 years, we’re running our business exactly the right way.”


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