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9 States Are Now Under Blizzard Warnings, and Other Freaky Weather Facts


Although our winter storm warning has been downgraded to an advisory, the weather still has the makings of something rather apocalyptic. It’s being called “life-threatening.” Across the nation, people are freaking out. Even people in England are worried about our well-being (or are smugly enjoying watching us freak out while sipping tea). “Stay inside!” are the buzzwords of the day.

The Week has collected some exciting snow-facts with which you may impress your Internet friends (since you’re not going anywhere):

–100 million people could be affected by this “historic winter storm.” That’s 1/3 of the U.S. population. Which will be good for American bonding.

–It could get to -50 degrees in some places (not New York City).

–Chicago has 394 plow trucks (and modified garbage trucks) “at the ready.”

–A store in St. Louis sold 4 tons of ice-melt pellets in four hours yesterday!

Also, via Time: the blizzard could send 18-foot waves into downtown Chicago tonight?

Those states with blizzard warnings are Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. Four states — Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma — have declared a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, in New York City, you can continue to expect ice, wind, cold, and several inches of snow (and then a layer of ice, thanks to our buddy freezing rain) until 6 p.m. Wednesday. The city has issued a “Hazardous Travel Advisory” effective through Wednesday as well. If you’re flying anywhere…well, probably you’re not. NY1 reports that “This is the eighth storm of the the season and the fourth consecutive Tuesday with snowfall.”

Hang in there, everyone. Snow: It melts. Eventually.

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