Bad Weather Makes People Dine Out Less, Which Is Why You Should Dine Out Tonight


File under shocking news: When bad weather strikes, people dine out less. Last month was particularly nasty. At Drew Nieporent’s company, Myriad Restaurant Group, for example, business fell 50 percent or more on particularly nasty nights, according to Bloomberg. While this sucks for restaurant owners, it’s actually good news for hungry diners.

Yes, crap weather is the perfect time to go out to eat. Why? First of all, it’s easy to score a reservation. People are lazy and no one wants to leave the nest in the middle of a snowstorm. During the last blizzard, we were the only reservation during our time slot who made it to the restaurant (a new and trendy place), according to the owners. And just think — you’re much more likely to nab a reservation at a constantly booked place like Per Se or Babbo. Or at a place that has taken to ignoring reservations.

You’re also more likely to get good service, since the restaurant is happy that they at least have a few customers as opposed to none. If there was ever a time to give out freebies to diners, it’s in a blizzard. And, finally, because bad weather shuts down roads, train tracks, and airports, you’re less likely to have to dine amid annoying out-of-towners. So tonight, when the sleet is coming down and all you want to do is watch Glee and order from SeamlessWeb, don’t. Do New York City proud. Go out to dinner. Ring up that restaurant you’ve been dying to try but haven’t been able to get into. Betcha they’ll have tables tonight.



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