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Is Priscilla Keeping The Drag Queens Under Wraps? | Village Voice


Is Priscilla Keeping The Drag Queens Under Wraps?


You’re looking at the image that’s above the big Times Square marquee for the Broadway version of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

It’s also the main visual on the show’s site’s homepage.

As you can see, it features three gussied-up divas in a campy pose.

But they’re women!

I think!

They’re not the three main characters of the show, who don drag and tour the Outback, just like in the movie.

Is this some kind of joke?

Would a Dreamgirls billboard feature three white characters with their arms up?

Well, the show’s publicist, Adrian Bryan-Brown, has a response:

“On the road to Broadway, Priscilla has used a range of images connected with the production for different signage and advertising.

“The choice of the Divas was made for the sign above the Palace Theatre because the image had worked for other productions and because the girls look great! (If there is a confusion about sexual identity, I don’t see it, but I think that’s part of the fun!)

“The Divas are the storytellers in Priscilla, so it is fitting that they be the first characters people get to know.

Yes, a lot of the Priscilla campaign is a tease–we hope the audience will be surprised and entertained by the design and costumes when they see the show.

“If you would like to offer a sneak peak at what Nick Adams, Tony Sheldon, and Will Swenson look like in the show, I have attached some photos from the Toronto run. More will be revealed when a full-on television commercial starts airing soon!”

Well, I’ve included one of those shots of the three guys (with the Divas in the background). They deserve the exposure.

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