Martha Stewart Will Get Her Bake On


Martha Stewart is pissed that people don’t consider her a TV chef. As she tells the New York Daily News, “They exclude me when they talk about TV chefs. … I have more credentials as a TV chef than anybody out there. I actually know how to bake and cook and create and edit recipes.”

And so she’s back on the small screen to show people she is the real master of the universe, this time with a new show on the Hallmark Channel called Martha Bakes. Unlike her talk show, the 13-episode series will be a sort of Baking 101, covering all things related to sugar and spice.

The show is a departure from current TV food programming, which mostly revolves around reality competitions or travel and location-based programming. Martha’s move to Hallmark also initially led to lower ratings.

But if there’s one thing that Martha knows well, it’s baking. But will Martha Bakes be, as the woman herself would say, a good thing? Tune in to find out.

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