Odd Future Really Are Performing On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


As of this moment, Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator’s last Twitter update reads: “88; To My Aryan Brothers.” (The one before that goes: “Fucking Whore.”) Seven hours ago Tyler’s OFWGKTA cohort Hodgy Beats wrote: “i get high at 2:26am. swag.” And yet somehow on February 16th, 2011, these two guys will be on national television, performing on Jimmy Fallon’s show–the group’s publicist confirms– with rap paragons the Roots. Performing what, who knows, since there doesn’t seem to be a single Odd Future song that this group could do in front of Questlove, let alone all of America. Ready for a moral quandary?:

Rappers regularly perform on Fallon, so let’s not act like the fact that your parents are about to see these dudes on TV is that crazy–50 Cent’s Twitter feed is pretty dark too, though at least his singles have radio edits. How do you radio edit “French”?

The day before, the group performs at Santos Party House in an already sold-out encore to November’s industry-crowded bow in the basement of Webster Hall, hopefully with more members in tow. Why doesn’t Mike G doesn’t get to be on TV, anyway?

Time To Scare White America [OFWKTA]

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