PTA Embezzler Is the Worst Mom of the Year


Cobble Hill mom Providence Hogan is the new Joan Crawford. Although she never hit her daughter with a hanger, she did steal upwards of $5,000 from her child’s school while acting as the PTA treasurer.The New York Post reports, “She had worked as treasurer for the parent group for at least three years, and at some point allegedly wrote at least two checks to herself — though cops said that they’re poring over receipts to see exactly how much Hogan swiped.” Hogan supposedly used the money on fertility treatments, possibly at her offices of Providence Day Spa.

Apparently the PTA wasn’t aware that $5,000 had gone missing. Responding to an article in the Daily News, one commenter wrote:

“…Not saying that the embezzlement was right, but I’m sure the PTA could survive one year without taking the students on the their annual trip to Boca Raton. Sheesh!”

To put Hogan’s theft into perspective, she stole what a PTA might have made off of approximately 630 books at an annual book fair (about 8 dollars for a paperback book), 700 Venus flytraps ($7) at a spring plant sale, or 5,000 sugary cupcakes (priced at a dollar each) at a bake sale.

Possibly worse than Hogan stealing the money is how her daughter, who attends the school, must feel. According to the Post, she “didn’t come to school this week.”


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