Sutton Place Scooter Mystery Solved, With Help from New York Times


After months of unsolved mystery, the NYPD has closed the books on the cream-colored Vespa that’s been sitting outside of 1 Sutton Place South — just sitting there, not going anywhere, not even making a peep! — for months. Via the New York Times City Room blog, “It was not stolen or lost,” a Police Department spokesman said. “It was parked.”

Parked! Turns out, an Upper West Side couple left the scooter at Sutton Place when it got cold and, taking the license plates with them to confound officers seeking to issue a summons for parking violations, left the scooter for dead. Apparently it’s awfully hard to find vehicle ID numbers on scooters. But the NYPD finally did after City Room drew attention to the cold case yesterday:

After City Room reported the mystery on Monday, a Sanitation Department supervisor tagged the scooter for pickup by a Police Department contractor because it was in too good condition to be deemed derelict and sold for scrap. A towing contractor picked it up Tuesday morning to deliver it to the police who, through the vehicle identification number, found the owner.

The couple will get their scooter back after paying a fine. And the New York Times is entitled to Scooby Snacks on the house. Hear, hear, gang!

Found: The Owners of That Mysterious Scooter [NYT]


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