What Ever Happened To Bromance?


“Bromance” was a term that just two years ago was just as hot as “metrosexual” was in 2004. Where have all of the Bros gone since then? A thread posted on Reddit last week reminded us of the since forgotten favorite term. Does it have a chance to make a comeback or are the faux-mances done forever?

The thread, started by user lonelyonlyleft, goes as follows:

Last night my best buddy notified me and a number of our other friends that he has received a promotion and is being relocated to another major city, and must report next week. My first response was positive, knowing that it is a step up professionally and that it will open up a new world of opportunity for him. Great. Since the news dropped, it has been difficult for me to be happy. My best friend of 7 years and former roommate is now gone. It is a similar feeling to that of 3 years ago when the largest portion of our select group of friends graduated and moved away. My lasting consolation then was that at least I still have my best friend. Many people laugh and criticise Bromance like it is a silly thing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A good friend is always hard to find. Their love for you is not unconditional but it is certainly earned, which makes it all the more valuable and harder to let go. The moments and experiences shared between me and my best buddy have often been obnoxious, secretive, deviant, and life altering. I think what I will miss most is our enabling affect on each other and all of the trouble that has lead us to. Please share your favourite Bromance moments and your thoughts on the end of Bromance. PS: please do not let this hit the front page, he will see it for sure

In typical hive-mind fashion, most of the comments went like this:

Obvious and immature gay jokes aside, bromances might really be over. Toda,y the king of the “bromance movie,” Judd Apatow, released the trailer for Bridesmaids, a film staring all ladies.

Evidence from Google Insights shows that United States residents stopped searching for bromances online ever since Brody Jenner’s show went off the air:

That said, they are still very alive on a worldwide scale. Aided by strong searching from Lithuania and Poland, searches are actually higher than ever:

This seems to have been caused by people searching for a song called “Seek Bromance” by Tim Berg. So if you’re still looking for bromance, your only option is overseas.


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