Abraham Inc. At Le Poisson Rouge Is Your First Canceled Show Of The Day, And Probably Not The Last


Perhaps you were unaware that famed James Brown trombonist cohort Fred Wesley has recently been dallying in a “klezmer funk” band called Abraham Inc.; your unfamiliarity will last a little longer, alas, as their scheduled gig at Le Poisson Rouge tonight has been canceled, due to their being stranded in the Midwest thanks to an ice storm that has basically made attempting to walk anywhere today look and feel like one giant unending Mr. Bean sketch, so maybe this was best for everyone involved. Godspeed getting to that Best Coast/Wavves show tonight and so forth; if you’re not feeling up to braving the elements, just crank this up and bang your head against the wall until you’ve given yourself a concussion, and that will replicate the experience of trying to make it to this show pretty well.

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