Anderson Cooper Punched in the Head by Mubarak Supporters in Egypt


As the Egyptian army asks protesters to go home because their “message has been received,” there continue to be reports of violence, chaos, and volatility in the streets — including violence to journalists. Via Bikya Masr, Anderson Cooper has been attacked and beaten, “‘hit in the head 10 times,’ by pro-government supporters” in Egypt, according to a CNN producers.

The attack happened less than a day after President Mubarak announced he would not seek re-election, but that he would stay and finish his term. CNN reports that “voices defending the government were louder” on Wednesday.

“[Mubarak] is unfortunately going to continue the agony for another six or seven months,” said opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei. “He’s going to continue to polarize the country,” said the Nobel Peace Prize winner. “He’s continuing to get people even more angry and could result to violence. Whoever gives him that advice gave him absolutely the wrong advice. He just has to let go.”

Cooper’s crew was also pushed and shoved, but no one was seriously injured. He talks about the “pandemonium” here.

Volatile scene unfolds in Cairo as opposing sides clash [CNN]

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