New York

B. Dolan+What Cheer? BrigadeCheer


The activist rapper responsible for one of last year’s better hip-hop albums tops this Rhode Island-centric bill. Produced by boom-bapster Alias for Sage Francis’s Strange Famous label, B. Dolan’s Fallen House, Sunken City cast well-articulated wrath on liberal capitalism in tunes such as “Bail It Out Louder” and “Fifty Ways to Fleece Your Customer.” The raucous What Cheer? Brigade, a highlight of New York’s recent Zlatne Uste Golden Festival, pop up throughout Dolan’s neo-psyched haunt-a-thon and open for him tonight. With Metermaids and Vockah Redu.

Thu., Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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