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Bodega Run Ends with Full Cavity Search for Bronx Man


Bronx resident Shawn Schenk went to buy a pack of smokes at a bodega last September but ended up getting a lot more. The Daily News reports Schenk is suing the city because police allegedly gave him a cavity search in front of 40 people after misidentifying him in a drug sting at the Green Valley Deli and Pizza.

The report is not for the squeamish:

The cop reached inside Schenck’s jeans, felt around his testicles and then probed his anus, the suit claims.

“You’re violating me!” Schenck recalled screaming. “You’re violating me!”

Police did not have a warrant, which is required for a search that, er, thorough. The officers insisted they only frisked Mr. Schenk.

After police were unable to find drugs anywhere on the man, they still held him for three hours.

Schenk’s suit is expected be filed Wednesday.

It is unknown whether or not he ever got those cigarettes.

Cops conducted illegal and humiliating body cavity search on me, Bronx man claims in suit [NYDN]

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