Brooke Shields Tells of Her Torrid Affair With George Michael, Lol


In her charming act at Feinsteins at the Regency, Brooke Shields remembers being ‘America’s most celebrated virgin’ but willing to risk that status with a really hot new boyfriend—George Michael!

“I didn’t know!” Brooke told the crowd last night at her opening.

“He was hot, he was sexy, he was a singer. I didn’t know!

“One night, he reserved the roof deck of a hotel so we’d be private. He looked amazing. He ordered the food, pulled out my chair, complimented me on my blouse.

“We talked about fashion–a lot.

“At the end of the evening, he brought me to my hotel room without even kissing me before you go-go!

“I thought he was the most respectful guy!

“After a few more dates that included shopping,” said Brooke, the faux relationship wound down.

“One night, in a limo, he told the driver to keep driving around. I thought it was finally going to happen. He looked me deep in my eyes and carelessly whispered, ‘We’ve got to take a break. I’ve got to concentrate on my career’.

“I cried all semester. I still didn’t know!

“But when I heard him sing ‘I’m never gonna dance again’ on my clock radio, finally I knew that that song was about me!”

She knew! She knew!

Photo: Brian Christopher Cummings

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