Crazy for Chicken? Not So Much


After reviewing Mono+Mono, our love of Korean fried chicken was rekindled, and so we made a point today of stopping by Crazy for Chicken (121 Ludlow Street, 212-529-2740), a newish bird joint that’s oddly housed inside Ramen Kuidouraku. Crazy for Chicken (which Grub Street has noted sounds suspiciously like “Mad for Chicken”), however, didn’t make us crazy for their chicken.

We opted for a small order of wings and drumsticks (six pieces for $7) that came doused in sweet chili sauce (other options were hot chili sauce, teriyaki sauce, and soy garlic sauce). Unlike Thai sweet chili sauce, this version was more like American barbecue sauce, heavy on the vinegar. The menu advertises that all wings come with blue cheese and celery, although we had to ask for ours to be brought to us.

The chicken itself was decent, though it could have been a bit juicier and the excess of sauce made the skin slightly less crisp. The style of chicken here seems to be much closer to a Buffalo chicken wing joint’s than the traditional Korean fried chicken. We don’t see ourselves running back to Crazy for Chicken, but they do deliver. Maybe if we’re feeling particularly lazy while watching the Super Bowl, we’d get some wings delivered. Though the likelihood of us watching the Super Bowl is pretty low.


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