Daniel Boulud the Target of a Labor Lawsuit


Speaking of confusion surrounding the Hospitality Wage Order: There’s another restaurant lawsuit afoot, and this time it’s directed at Daniel Boulud.

The lawsuit was filed by Arie Ohayon, a former bartender at Bar Boulud and Bar Pleiades. It alleges that Boulud failed to pay him proper overtime and spread-of-hours wages. Ohayon’s lawyer, noted chef-chaser Maimon Kirschenbaum, told Grub Street that he’d like for Ohayon’s suit to become a class-action suit alleging that non-service employees were illegally included in the tip pool.

Ohayon also alleges that he was fired in part for writing management a letter claiming that a fellow bartender violated the health code by handling ice with her bare hands. Even if he doesn’t win the suit, he’d probably be a shoo-in for a job with the Health Department.


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