Egyptian-Born Drag Queen Gives Me Sociopolitical Update


Sultana can swivel her hips with the best of them, and she has a pretty great mouth too.

I asked the belly-dancing dervish for anything she knows about the Egyptian situation and late yesterday, as the massive protest was being carried out, she told me:

“There is curfew….The banks are closed, the garbage has not been collected…There is no police, all the young men are protecting buildings and neighborhoods…My mother says everybody is buying food during the hours from 8 until 4 pm.

“There are lines in the supermarkets. It is hard to get a flight out of the country, the airport is chaotic. The people want Mubarak down by Friday. This is what I am hearing now.”

Well, Mubarak says he won’t seek re-election in September and he wasn’t planning on it anyway, but in the meantime he’ll stay put and start setting up the road to reforms.

But Sultana’s not having it.

“Mubarak should step down,” says the performer. “Mubarak and his family are very corrupt.

“Every financial aid that comes to Egypt goes to them and their friends. My opinion is that they should have an election and let the Egyptian people choose their leader.

“They need social and economic reform. The situation is messy now, but hopefully is for the better of the country.”

Yay! Sultana for President of the U.S. and Egypt!

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