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Ice Storm Warning in NYC; Internet Restored in Egypt; MTA Budget Cut


• It’s an icy, rainy, gray morning, with “dangerous icing conditions” in the Northeast. Be careful! It should clear up this afternoon, and then our next wintry mix won’t hit until Saturday. [Weather]

• Elsewhere in the country, “a mix of blizzard, ice, hard freeze and high wind warnings sprang up across most of the Lower 48 states.” 100 million people are feeling the effects of the “historic” storm. Air travel is “iffy.” [CNN, NYT]

Internet has reportedly been restored in Egypt! Egyptian protesters are being urged by the army to go home. [TNW, Mashable]

Governor Cuomo has cut $165 million from an MTA tax-revenue stream. The MTA says they won’t let riders feel the cut’s impact. [NYP]

• City workers who stayed home on the Thursday after last week’s snowstorm (after Mayor Bloomberg announced in the early morning that all nonemergency offices and schools would be closed) are now being asked for excuse notes, lest they lose vacation or comp time. [NYT]

Charlie Sheen’s parents are considering asking a judge for a conservatorship of their son. [Pat’s Papers]

• The good cop is better than the bad cop at getting a confession. Now you know! [Telegraph]

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