What do Carmela Soprano and my mother have in common? Just one thing, or so I hope to God: a primal, abiding love for Andrea Bocelli. The handsome Italian tenor, a rare modern classical crossover artists, is bona fide catnip to the middle-aged ladies, a Guinness Book record-holder for being the first artist to hold the top 3 positions on the American classical albums charts, whose seminal Sacred Arias has sold 5 million copies and counting. Bocelli, the world’s most popular classical singer, is a Grand Officer of the Italian Republic, has dueted with Celine Dion, and, until recently, has commanded thousands to his hometown of Lajatico, Italy, for his famous annual concerts at his Teatro del Silenzio ampitheater. He can also raise puppies from the dead with his rendition of “Canto della Terra.” Now please stop talking about him, Mom, for the love of God.

Sun., Feb. 13, 5 p.m., 2011

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