Monotonix Are Not Breaking Up, Exactly, But You’d Better Go See Them Soon Anyway


So everyone’s favorite hilariously violent Israeli garage-rock trio is making onstage threats that their current tour might be their last, citing fatigue/impending babies/etc., which is bad news for us all, because if you haven’t seen Monotonix live yet, well. It’s just about the sweatiest, hairiest, (possibly) nudest, most violent and hilarious spectacle you can imagine — above, for example, please observe frontman Ami Shalev dumping candle wax down his pants at Union Hall awhile back, or recall that the dude straight up broke his leg onstage in Palm Beach last year. Are the rumors true? Are Monotonix shutting all this down for good? Not exactly, says their PR rep:

Reports that they are breaking up are a little exaggerated . . . What’s really going down is Haggai, the drummer, has a kid on the way, and Ami wants to spend some more time with his family, so this will be their final tour for a while. But they are not looking at it as the end of the band or touring for good. Just an extended break to focus on the other parts of their lives.

That said, I know they are putting tons of energy into this tour to really make it one to remember…

So. They’ll be back, maybe, but not for a long while, which makes their show Saturday night at 285 Kent pretty much mandatory. No idea what they’ll do for a quasi-finale, but you might want to wear a bulletproof vest or something.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 2, 2011


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