What Would Times Square Look Like With No Ads?


From the man who brought you Super Size Me and reality stunt show 30 Days comes No Ad: New York, “an internet-based effort to remove all visual advertising from Times Square.” Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets have teamed with online photo editing program Aviary and some neo-ad agency called The Barbarian Group to crowd-source an art project in which a 360-degree photograph of Times Square is divided into 100 slices and each wiped clean of advertising by a different person.

Spurlock says he was inspired by Sao Paolo, Brazil, which is working to stop “visual pollution,” banning outdoor ads since 2007.

The whole thing is very Adbusters, literally, but considering The Barbarian Group boasts a specialization in viral marketing, there’s probably going to be something for sale at some point, be it a Spurlock documentary about the evils of ads or just a coffee table book. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out.

No Ad: New York via TechCrunch

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