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Assholes Fight on Subway, Capture Assholery for Posterity [Video]


We do everything on the subway now! Play with rats, discard what should really go in a Kleenex on walls, yell at each other, yell at each other and record it to be posted on YouTube and make us look like even bigger assholes! Here is your daily dose of “God, people are terrible.”

In today’s lesson, a man with a leg brace — “JoeyBootsNYC,” who has somewhat ironically dubbed himself “the paparazzi of the inconsiderate” — films a woman who refuses to get up from the handicapped seat on an otherwise empty train so he can rest his leg “better” than he already is. Unfortunately, he rather undermines his case by continuing to torment her for more than 4 minutes, calling her a “fat, ugly whore” with “ugly eyebrows,” among other niceties, then posting the video under the title, “Selfish and inconsiderate bitch won’t give up seat on NYC Subway.” Oh, the humanity. Watch the video before he takes it down.

[via Gothamist]

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