Best Coast Cat-Lady Stats Update: Check The Tweets


So yesterday we conducted an in-depth analysis of Best Coast’s lyrics, to chart the frequency with which she sings the words “boy,” “love,” “summer,” “weed,” and “cat,” as compared to the frequency with which her critics/admirers use those same words to describe her. General findings: The general public uses “weed” and “cat” way more than she does. Gripping stuff. But it has since been pointed out to us, reasonably, that as vital a source of data as they may be, Bethany Cosentino’s lyrics may not be the clearest, most intimate window into the depths of her soul. That, of course, would be her Twitter account.

Just because Stelios spent so much time on it, let’s first reprise the lyrics/critics chart:

But critic/deep thinker Mike Barthel rightly suggests that a more thorough analysis would include searching for those same five words on Consentino’s official Twitter account, which he’s taken the liberty of doing for us here:

Observe the severe drop-off of “boy,” the remarkable staying power of “love,” and, yes, the dramatically increased preponderance of “weed” and “cat.” (The latter would be even higher were you to factor in her cat Snacks’ own Twitter page, which is overseen by either Cosentino herself or, like, a Fader intern or something.)

I would ask Stelios to add a yellow “Tweets” line to the line graph above, but it’s hard to figure out how to even type that email in a way that doesn’t make me feel ridiculous. Best Coast, meanwhile, played Webster Hall last night and are playing MHOW tonight, a show you are probably not attending if you’re hearing about it right now for the first time. Don’t feel too bad about missing it, though: Wavves are playing too.

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