Bloomberg and Zuckerberg: Power Pair Talk Facebook


Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have just hired a “hot” Chief Digital Officer — Rachel Sterne, New York City’s first — but who better to explain social media to him than Mr. One Billion Dollars himself? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (no relation) sat down with the mayor while he was in town to appear awkwardly on Saturday Night Live to talk about how New York could use his service. Just imagine Bloomberg as your strange, divorced uncle, the one who’s overly interested in your life when he comes over for the holidays. “Hey hey, Marky, come here and show me this Facebook thing, will ya? There pretty girls on here or what?” Something like that.

Or maybe it was a lot duller in reality:

“I met with Mark Zuckerberg the other day to see if we can get some help from Facebook,” the mayor said Wednesday. “Having a site for New York City, there’s a lot of potential.”

“People use Facebook to communicate a lot of times, and they could use it to share information,” the mayor said. “You and I are much too old to know what’s going on… We’re trying to catch up as fast as we can.”

Not the deepest insights considering he’s paying someone over $100,000 to figure this stuff out, but hopefully the guys got some bonding done.

Like! Mayor Bloomberg sits down with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss NYC social media plans [NYDN]

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