Vicious Brooklyn Teens Are Attacking Upstanding Citizens With Snow


Alert! There are unruly teens roving about in Brooklyn, the type “so cold-blooded they’ll attack a pregnant woman and laugh about it.” And they are using nature’s gift, the snowball, as weaponry! The New York Post reports on the sorry state of our modern world, in which a 33-year-old mom noticed a group of teans on Dean Street throwing snowballs at passersby and decided to press her luck and walk by them, hoping she would be spared. She was not. Not in the least.

When she passed, the crew taunted her with a slang term for female genitalia — then punctuated the vitriol by pelting her with snow and ice.

She turned around to inform the dopey dectet that she was three-months pregnant, thinking that might curb their obnoxious behavior. Wrong.

“One of them laughed and mimicked me, pushed me, and threw a massive chunk of ice in my face,” she recalled.

Have we no manners? That is, indeed, rude.

Our victim, who filed a complaint with the cops but says the precinct lost it, says that if this happens again she’ll move out. But lady, if you leave…the unruly, cold-blooded teens have won!

Things we have learned in our declining years: If you see a pack of kids throwing snowballs, your best bet is to avoid them entirely. They can smell your fear. Wear a lot of perfume.

Snowtacks! Brownstone Brooklyn under assault by ice-wielding thugs [NYP]


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