Watch for Falling Ice; Unemployment Claims Drop Again; NYC Real Estate on the Up


• The wintry mix has ended, but ice is now falling from buildings. Your next snow hit will happen on Saturday. In the meantime, it’s mostly sunny, and chilly. Elsewhere, the country continues to deal with the aftermath of this week’s “historic” storm. [NYT, Weather, CNN]

Violence continues in Egypt with hundreds reported injured and, most recently, five dead after Mubarak supporters opened fire on anti-government protesters last night in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Yesterday White House spokesman Robert Gibbs described the violence as “outrageous and deplorable” and said that “it should stop immediately.” Al Jazeera TV quoted a woman as saying, “People are too tired to be terrified.” [WP, Telegraph]

• Four Islamic clerics in Bangladesh have been arrested after whipping a 14-year-old girl to death for an alleged illicit relationship with a married man. The man had been sentenced the same punishment but escaped; police are searching for him. [MSNBC]

• U.S. first-time unemployment claims have fallen again. [CNN Money]

• Meanwhile, world food prices are up, having reached a record high in January. [BBC]

• Also up: apartment prices are on the rise again, with the median price of a co-op or condo in Manhattan now $880,000. However, condo prices dropped in the East Village/LES late last year. [NYP, The Lo-Down]

• A Staten Island principal has threatened to dock the pay of teachers who got to school 5 minutes late…in an ice storm. [SILive]

• Did you know you can opt out of getting a phone book that you’ll probably only throw away? [Bowery Boogie]

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