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Kenneth Cole Caught in Uproar, But Give Him a Break


I remember presenting at an awards show that was so badly organized and boring I couldn’t help cracking to the audience, “The people in Haiti are luckier than we are right now. At least they’re not here!”

This was in the middle of devastating earthquakes, by the way.

Am I proud of that remark? Maybe not, but dark humor is my specialty and I’ve done enough to battle oppression to be able to toss off some risque remarks with the clear intention that, “This is a joke! And it’s not a joke against the victims. Not if you have any sense of irony or hyperbole!”

And so has Kenneth Cole.

The shoe designer has fought more causes than freakin’ Gandhi.

He made it OK to mix merch marketing and sociopolitical messages back when no one dared.

He worked tirelessly for AmFar, for chrissake.

He actually gives a hoot about improving world attitudes and actions, as opposed to the purely self-aggrandizing airheads that are way more prevalent in fashion.

So when he tweeted about how “millions are in an uproar in Cairo” because they heard about his spring collection being available, he totally deserved a pass–especially since he apologized and took the tweet down.

Kenneth Cole is not the enemy!

That would be Mubarak.


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