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Kristal Khan, Worst Babysitter of 2009, Demonstrates Her Technique on a Plastic Doll


Kristal Khan

Small-time day-care operator Kristal Khan showed a grossed-out Queens courtroom Thursday how she negligently let an 11-month-old boy drown in a plastic bucket that contained only six inches of water, the Daily News reports. Luckily, the babysitter’s re-enactment of the June 2009 tragedy was on videotape, during a statement she had given to police, and she used a plastic doll, which wasn’t breathing in the first place.

Khan, now 29, was passed out on Nyquil when her 4-year-old son woke her and said the baby, James Farrior, was in trouble. She faces as much as four years in prison on a charge of reckless assault. For some reason, Khan still advertises her services on the web. As the Times noted at the time of the drowning, Khan didn’t have a license to provide day care out of her Richmond Hill home.


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