New York Post Uncovers “Skiing to Work” Trend


Feeling a little blue, what with all this chilly weather? Hot off the “people drink tea!” beat, the New York Post has a suggestion for you: How about skiing to work? The paper found a person who has done this. Turns out, not only is skiing to work fun for you, it’s good for the morale of the entire office. “When Lucy Painter arrived at work carrying skis last week, her staff at the Weill Cornell Medical Institute cheered. ‘They were delighted,’ says Painter.”

Over at the Voice we might have a different reaction (our faces aren’t made for “delight,”) but, nonetheless, it’s always wise to keep oneself aware of exciting new trends. As the Post puts it,

She’s been joined by scores of other New Yorkers strapping on their skis or snowshoes and gliding around town. In fact, cross-country skiing is so popular right now, several sports stores are completely sold out of skis.

Well then. Add ski manufacturers to the list of people — that one guy who makes a lot of money shoveling, and wine stores — who are profiting from Winterpocalypse ’11. You’re in good company!

Seriously, have you seen anyone skiing (or snowshoeing!) to work, except for this one show-off?

Powder to the people! [NYP]
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