“Please Give Me One Million Dollars” Was a Hoax, Duh



A few weeks ago we wrote about Craig Rowin, a comedian who claimed that through YouTube videos, in which he asked for one million dollars simply because he thought “it would be awesome,” someone actually agreed to present him with a check. For $1 million. $1,000,0000, that is. He said he would be presented with the money from an anonymous millionaire on stage at the UCB Theatre on February 2nd. He was lying, obviously.

You can watch Rowin receive the check and then proceed to burn it and admit the millionaire is an actor and the whole thing was a joke. It was not a funny joke.

A bunch of other websites reported the million dollar news credulously when Rowin announced it, because that’s what the internet is for. But the show at UCB sold out, so the whole thing could be counted as a success. The Daily News, who also bought in, report that “Rowin wasn’t eager to discuss his stunt.”

“If you want to set up an interview, you can call my manager,” he said. No thanks — we’ll go back to ignoring bad comedians.

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