Week In Review: We’ll Never Get Over The White Stripes


We started out the week on a positive jam. Riding high off Bob Dylan Week, we spent the weekend paying tribute to all those bands who came before with Craig Finn at Music Hall of Williamsburg and trying with all our hearts to sing along while the Dismemberment Plan flailed around on stage at Webster. We were heartened to hear that PJ Harvey will be in town this April, and that the tUnE-yArDs have a new album on the way. Not to mention Jeff Mangum and Portishead helped sell out this year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties in Asbury.

But as the slush puddle situation grew more dire, things began to feel amiss. Israel’s most unhinged garage-rock trio, Monotonix, let us know they needed a little quiet time with their families. Which was sad, but not as sad as this week’s grim SoundScan. Three out of this year’s first four weeks of music sales have posted record lows, which means the Decemberists still have this year’s best selling album and that maybe White People Rapping Poorly’s master curator, Connor Toole, has a chance of making it after all.

Then things got bad, really bad. The White Stripes announced they were calling it quits. Not due to creative difference, nor poor health, just “to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way.” Sometimes it helps to just remember the good times.

We kept distracted for the rest of the week, setting ourselves upon important tasks like counting down the ten best rap-acronym anthems and putting Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino’s Crazy Cat Lady of Indie title to the test. We thought, given her reputation, she might use words like “boys” and “weed” and “cats” a lot, but a close reading of her debut album left us worried her crown might be less than deserved. She does seem to tweet a whole lot about love, though.

And so we’ll go on. The Superbowl is this weekend and we don’t know who Troy Polamalu is so we’re sticking with Wayne and rooting “Green and Yellow”. See you Monday!

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