What Could David Paterson’s $62,125 Fine Buy in Actual Yankee Memorabilia?


Ex-Governor David Paterson has paid his fine of $62,125 for accepting complimentary tickets to a 2009 Yankees World Series game. The tickets were for himself, his two aides, his teenage son, and his son’s friend. They were originally priced at $425, which means Paterson comes out with a loss of $60,000 — and he didn’t even get to take home any souvenirs for that. What would $62,125 get you in terms of an authentic Yankees experience? Runnin’ Scared does the math!

City Room has more on the situation:

The spokesman, Walter C. Ayres, said the state’s Commission on Public Integrity received the check on Thursday. He could not say whether the money came from Mr. Paterson personally or from his campaign account, a source of funds that good government groups have said Mr. Paterson should not be able to use to pay the fine.

But, more importantly: Paterson’s total of $62,125 could buy a whole ton of Yankees schwag!

This all totals to $62,127, just two dollars over what Patterson paid. Next time, think big Mr. Former Governor.


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